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Please read our Software Development brochure for more information (pdf)

Application Software Design & Development

We have over 20 years application design, architecture and development experience and software built by us is being used by thousands of users every day on 4 continents.

We deliver high-quality, reliable and flexible applications that are easy to maintain and modular to enhance and expand. Based on industry best-practice frameworks, our application development approach uses rigorous methodologies and leverages deep technology expertise. Services offered span the entire application lifecycle, combining best-of-breed processes for solving complex problems with domain knowledge, comprehensive project management tools and global delivery capabilities.

We deliver software that helps organizations achieve their business goals.


Applications & Analytics

Full lifecycle development services for desktop, client/server, distributed, web and Saas applications using the Microsoft and Java technology stacks, various legacy tool sets, all major BI & Analytics engines and other relevant technologies.

Web Solutions, Cloud and Saas Development

We provide full services for site design/layout, as well as web application, web design, RIA, CMS, and e-commerce solution development on all major technology stacks including .Net, Java, Python, PHP and others.


Development services for iOS and Android. Our experience includes social networking, content delivery, publishing, mobile data and location based applications.


Extensive experience in both real time SOA based as well as batch integration of systems. We ensure highest quality in delivering architected, documented, sustainable and supportable integrations for enterprise data sources. In addition we provide EAI, Workflow, Process Modeling, and EDI solutions and integration models.

Our Application Services Portfolio includes

  • Full Life cycle Development
  • Technology Consulting
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Hosting & Cloud Services
  • Testing & QA Services
  • Maintenance/Support